Role overview of role "project manager"

spem diagram of role: project manager

Brief description of role "project manager"

The process manager is the overall responsible for a project

Detailed description of role "project manager"

Project Manager

The project manager has the overall responsibility for the project. He got a budget from somone outside the project (call it the "customer") and has the task to lead the project to success.

The success of a project is defined, by reaching the requirements (functional and time) in budget.

The budget is not necesary (only) money, but can be (and is often) a certain group of people (the team) and some resources (computers, offices etc.).

The responsibility of the project manager

The responsibility of the project manager is to plan and control the budget and the requirements. If there is, at any time, the risk of not fulfilling the requirements (functionally and time) within the given budget, he has to inform the "customer".

This includes, that he must not even start a project, if it is clear in advance, that it's not possible within the given budget (both, money and resources).

Technical responsibility

The project manager is not considered to be the most scilled person in the project. He will trust the decitions of the specialists in the project team. If the skills of the team are insufficiant, it's the responsibility of the project manager to find a solution within the possibilities of the budget.