Tool overview of tool "lit"

Brief description of tool "lit"

lit is an ope source planning tool for small projects

Detailed description of tool "lit"

Lit, a lightweight issue tracker, is a tool for small software teams which have their weekly meeting around a projector in a meeting room and try to keep track of all the project issues and schedules.

It is "lightweight", because it has no web interface or mailing possibilities. It is not this type of tool. It is not for teams working together over the internet (there are a lot of tools for that already). It is for people who have the advantage to meet each other face to face, lets say once a week and have these silly meetings ;-)

It is intended to be run during the meeting on a projector and give the possibility to add issues on the fly and give all team members a good overview over the issues and - important - the time schedule of all of them.

For the overview it supports Gantt diagrams, which are computed automatically from the issue list. And it supports a "milestone trend analysis" to give the project manager an idea of how reliable the time estimates of his team members are (were in the past).