Tool overview of tool "Mantis"

Detailed description of tool "Mantis"

What is Mantis?

MantisBT is a web based bug tracking system that was first made available to the public in November 2000. Over time it has matured and gained a lot of popularity, and now it has become one of the most popular open source bug/issue tracking systems. MantisBT is developed in PHP, with support to multiple database backends including MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL and DB2.

MantisBT, as a PHP script, can run on any operating system that is supported by PHP and has support for one of the DBMSes that are supported. MantisBT is known to run fine on Windows, Linux, OS/2, Mac OS X, System i and a variety of Unix operating systems.

(taken from http://www.mantisbt.org/)

Some guidelines for entering issues

If you enter an issue you want help. Mostly you want it fast. So it seems that there is no time to enter all the information fields which are requested.

Often this ends up, that feedback is needed. So if you enter an issue, take you time. Enter all information you have, especially release information, because this is not obvious. Use exact release numbers not phrases like "new release" or "latest software".

Please describe, what you expected to happen! This is obvious for you but not for the reader of the issue. In addition, explain how someone else (who might not have your environment) can reproduce the behavior. Yes, that's maybe not easy!

And last but not least, describe the wrong behaviour you saw. Attach traces, dumps, screenshots, test data ... whatever might be useful to understand what was going wrong.